Every week, I work from an arena while my son has an hour hockey practice. I see this as time to clean up my inbox, finish small jobs and get myself ready for the next week.

Last week, there was a new WiFi network setup in the arena. After connecting to the WiFi, I fired up OpenVPN and was able to successfully connect to the VPN.

I started RDP and tried to connect to my desktop. The connection failed. I disconnected the VPN, connected again and tried to RDP again. The connection failed yet again. I decided this was the internet Gods telling me to take Saturday off and do something else. :)

This morning, I tried to connect again. The VPN connected again without issue but the RDP connection was refused. I figured it was time to try and get this solved. I tried pinging a couple of the servers and my workstation but that was unsuccessful.

I looked at the reply (from and realized that this was a routing issue. I checked my routing table and found the offending entry:

I opened an admin command prompt and ran:

route delete

After the command completed, I was able to ping the servers and my desktop.