My name is Todd Lichty. I am a father of two, husband and geek. I love all things to do with technology. Since my parents purchased my first computer when I was in grade 6, I have been fascinated with programming, upgrading and fixing computers. Whether it is playing around with cloud computing, programming Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s or diving into web security, learning something new is what I love to do.


I have been a web developer since 1999. I began building websites in HTML until I discovered Visual Interdev and ASP (original, not .NET 😊). I have focused primarily on the Microsoft stack ever since. As the first developer at my previous employer, I was able to pick and choose what technology was used for the development of our web applications. Whether it was migrating to .NET when 1.0 was released or deciding to migrate our data access layer from Linq-to-SQL to Entity Framework 5, I always felt it is important to learn the new technologies and standards that the industry is using.

I was the lead developer on the custom CMS that drove all the websites created at Sherpa since 2007. The CMS has been upgraded numerous times since the first version in 2007, however, it is still used to drive a number of large web applications at Sherpa.<

The migration of the Sherpa web properties from a custom hosting solution in Toronto onto the Azure cloud platform was made a couple of years ago. There were a number of changes that were required to how we developed web applications. We were able to make use of Azure storage for image uploading (and optimizations), Azure functions for the one-off pieces of functionality as well as the scaling abilities of Azure when our e-commerce customers were expecting high levels of traffic.

Technical Experience

I am very familiar with ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Linq, Entity Framework and MS SQL Server.

Having run the IT infrastructure at Sherpa over the past 15 years, I am also familiar with Active Directory, Windows Server, PowerShell and Python.

I’ve started to expand into more open source options like jQuery, WordPress and MySQL.