I have been playing around with my Raspberry Pi 3 at home lately. I enjoy moving from a purely software based existence when I am working to watching my code change something in the real world when I am using my Pi.

I purchased the official Raspberry Pi Camera Module and quickly had the module installed and working. After writing some quick examples with python and attaching an PIR sensor to trigger the camera, I did some googling to check out what other makers had created with their camera modules.

I stumbled upon MotionPie and had it setup and configured in about 30 minutes. NOTE: There is a new version of this project that I need to upgrade to called MotionEye.

After having MotionPie running at home for the past couple of Months, I read the following article in the Raspberry Pi Weekly newsletter. I immediately signed up for a Pushover account and created a Python script to send push notifications when the alarm is triggered.

I want to play with Pushover more to see what other purposes I can utilize it for!