With my commute shorter now that we have moved offices, I find I've had to take a critical look at the podcasts that I listen to. I had to drop some very good podcasts, but I tried to be ruthless.

  • Hanselminutes - I love this podcast and still listen to it first. However, lately I feel that there has been a lot less relevant technical content for me. There seems to be more of a focus on minority/female guests rather than a focus on the latest and greatest technical content.
  • Security Now - A great twit podcast that I look forward to every week. While I do have some issues with how little Leo contributes, Steve is a great host.
  • dotNetRocks - The first podcast I ever listened to. Richard and Karl are great. They release three episodes a week which can be hard to keep up with. I do tend to skip some of the episodes that I feel I won't get anything out of
  • Windows Weekly - Another great twit podcast, I love Paul's bluntness paired with Mary Jo's pleasant and honest demeanor.
  • Risky Business - As I venture more and more into the security realm, this is a great weekly podcast that reviews the latest security issues
  • Threatpost - Another great security news roundup podcase

I still use Dogg Catcher on my Nexus 5X for listening to and managing my podcasts. This app has been great!