I'm lucky enough to be attending the O'Reilly Security Conference in New York City this week. I have other posts coming about the sessions I attended. Something that I enjoy when attending a tech conference it to take note of the hardware that the other attendees use. Here is a quick note on what I have seen so far:

  1. 80% of the laptops here are Macs. The others are running Linux. I’ve seen 4 Windows laptops since I’ve been here (including mine).
  2. Everyone is using Slack. It’s everywhere.
  3. It seems people either use Outlook or Gmail. Even on the Macs I see Office being used, but a lot of Google Docs as well.
  4. It seems to be 50/50 for Android vs. iPhone.

I have to admit to feeling very out of place using my Surface Pro 3 at this conference. I guess it is time to make the move to a Linux based system so I am able to run the OSS tools and programs that were taught at the conference.