With our new development methodology running smoothly for the past few months, it was time to start cleaning up the server rack. There were a few old 2008 servers that were hosting some of our low priority servers as VMs in Hyper-V. With our new powerhouse server running flawlessly, I wanted to start consolidating the servers onto one.

I was surprised to find that you could not easily migrate a VM from 2008 to 2012. Since these were non-mission critical servers, it was quicker (and easier) for me to just shut them down, copy the VHDX files from the old host to the new one and then setup a new VM using these old hard drives.

The NICs had to be reinstalled but Windows did this automatically for me. I did have to go and reassign the static IP addresses, but that was all the hand holding I had to do.

All in all, this was a very painless process. And I was able to turn off one of our older physical servers. Time for the recycling facility. :)