End of Year PRs - 2018

With Christmas next week and the university shutting down until the new year, I took this week to test my PRs. I was able to improve 3 out of the 4 (again). My bench seems to have stagnated at 280. I just cannot seem to push through this plateau.

Squat - 380 lbs
Bench - 280 lbs
Deadlift - 405 lbs
Overhead press - 170 lbs

The year was pretty ho-hum in terms of lifting. During the baseball season, I really back off from lifting heavy. I really do not want to injure myself and miss any baseball. Other than an injury to my foot, I was able to stay relatively injury free in 2018.

My primary goal for 2019 will be to bring my body weight down to 205 while maintaining the above PRs. I'm hoping that losing the excess weight while maintaining my current strength will benefit my health.

As for programming, I REALLY need to find a bench specific program to help improve that number. I do not want to be writing that my bench press stagnated again in 2019!