I took this week to test my PRs. I was able to improve 3 out of the 4. My bench seems to have stagnated at 280.

Squat - 345lbs
Bench - 280 lbs
Deadlift - 385 lbs
Overhead press - 165 lbs

Overall, I am fairly happy with my progression this year. As a 39 year old lifter, I've been making very small increments when lifting and have been able to stay healthy and injury free in 2017.

I spent that last 3 months running the KIZEN Infinite Off-Season for Powerlifting program. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the program. I would LOVE to run the Calgary Barbell 16-week program next, however, January and February are ALWAYS brutal in the gym. Trying to get a squat rack every day will be tough. I'm thinking of just running 531 for the first few weeks and then transitioning over to the 16-week program once the resolutionists have left.