The Obesity Code - Book Notes

I read  Dr. Jason Fung's The Obesity Code this past week. It has been on my to read list since I ran across it in October. It was a quick and enjoyable read. Below are the notes that I took.

Reduce your consumption of added sugars

-This one seems pretty self explanatory.

Don’t snack

-This one is linked to the last tip - fasting. Each time you eat, you spike your insulin. The fewer spikes, the more weight loss

Make breakfast optional

No sugar added beverages

Coffee is ok

-Thank goodness! Coffee is a high source of antioxidants, magnesium, lignans and chlorogenic acid

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world.

Reduce your consumption of refined grains

Moderate protein consumption

-This one is going to be tough for me.

Increase your consumption of natural fats

Increase your consumption of fibre and vinegar

Fast! Eating spikes your insulin. The fewer times you eat, the fewer times your insulin spikes.